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    The year is 2019. Governments bicker and argue over resources and land, the scientific community delves into new-found research as the concept of an alien life having visited the world before grows in popularity and all the while the everyday person struggles to decide on their morning coffee. Life continued much as it had the past millennia.

    Then the sky grew red.

    The sudden arrival of The Being, a supposed extraterrestrial being that blinked into existence in the atmosphere of Earth, threw the world into panic. Within moments The Being was shown across every TV network and discussed on every radio station around the world. The stunned shock didn't last very long however. With a ear-shattering roar The Being pulsed, dark red tendrils of energy pouring from orifices secreted within the folds of it's dark flesh and spiralling down towards the Earth. As they collided great waves of eldritch energy washed over the lands, transforming the impact craters into a supernatural hellscape. The surrounding population was the first to fall to The Beings control.

    All over the world millions of people were shuddering and dropping to their knees, their heads twirling with dark energy as tendrils delved into their minds. It didn't take long for the first Husks to arrive. Once people, they were now twisted servants of The Being, destined to carry out their unknown tasks as they began to attack the living. It didn't take long for the living to realise the one desire, the one emotion The Being held.

    One of Hunger.

    Nuclear missiles were launched, armies were mobilised and nations were in turmoil as everything was aimed skywards in a vain attempt to cause some damage. The nations of the world watched with baited breath as entire arsenals of their strongest weapons didn't even seem to scratch The Being. A week passed in horror as more and more Husks were created, the creatures cutting swathes through entire continents as they drove towards some unknown purpose. With the hope for humanity dwindling fast, the nations of the world once more banded together. It was a Sunday when a bright blue lance of pure energy stabbed skywards from somewhere in the world. The beam dug deep into the armoured carapace of The Being, the great monster shuddering with abhorrent screams of pain. A moment passed before the blue lance blinked from existence, The Being roaring in agony as a it returned in kind. A swirling dark tendril erupted from the very eye of it, the energy coalescing and descending at a rapid pace. It slammed into somewhere on the globe, the waves of pulsating angry energy rising higher than every before as a primordial shockwave rocked the entire Earth. Those who were Husks dropped dead, their bodies wracked by the energy as new, fresh Husks were created in the wake of the wave.

    To those it did not kill or control, the wave washed over them and in a blink of darkness their world closed in around them. Consciousnesses swam in the inky depths of their minds, images that burned deep into the psyche yet were wholly unexplainable at the same time ruptured and pierced the thoughts of millions. Then all at once, it stopped.

    Dragged back to reality, you are little more than an insignificant spec on a dying planet, the darkened sky throbbing with blood red thunder and the ever present Being looming in the sky above, it's one eye staring down in an unblinking vigil.

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