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    Character - Buddy McGinnis


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    Character - Buddy McGinnis Empty Character - Buddy McGinnis

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    Name: Buddy McGinnis (Often known by 'McGinnis' or the 'Wolf' alone)
    Age: 25
    Race/Ethnicity: Irish
    Occupation: Debt Collector / Criminal

    Description: A man with a face like an angel and the heart of a devil. McGinnis stands at 6'1", with a broad set of shoulders and a trimmed, athletic figure, scared with various notches, cuts and burns across most of his exposed flesh.

    McGinnis takes pride in his appearance, always one to let others think he's just another pretty face, to hide the ugly soul deep behind the skin deep appearance of a modern day Prince Charming. Often seen with a heavy, coffee brown coat and black clothing and leathers, one might think he'd fit in quite well in the time of seafaring pirates and dashing rogues.

    He has a disarming smile of a charming gentleman, but when brought to do 'Gods work' the wolf reveals who he really is, smirking with those pearly whites, even as blood runs down his face... or the barbed wire coated bat that he's often seen with.

    Skills: McGinnis is a talented manipulator. If he's not working on the next heart doomed to break, he's silver tonguing his way into a deal. This is especially prevalent when working among cohorts that share his 'viewpoints' on morality. That said, when 'diplomacy' fails, he's found a talent for violence and doesn't shy away from bloodshed or at the very least, the threat of it.

    Lock-picking is second nature to him, along with the ability to hot-wire most cars. He has a basic understanding of farming too, having worked alongside and for numerous drug cartels over his career.

    Property: A nameless barbed wire bat, a set of brass knuckle dusters, a silver hip flask engraved with 'B.M' sprawled across it. He roams from shelter to shelter for now, having no one place as his own.

    Background: Born and raised in Dublin Ireland, Buddy's initial lot in life didn't come all that generously. His father was a gambler and a poor one at that, though he was a fantastic teacher. Not so much for maths, English or any other skill Buddy could have used early on... but rather that Buddy's pa taught him early on that every debt catches up to you sooner or later, be it money or blood...

    The early widowed Ms McGinnis was left to pay for the family debt and in agreement to settle it, Buddy was offered to the O'Sullivan family, a notorious gang of criminals that pushed most of the organised crime across most of Northern Ireland and parts of the UK.

    At the age of nineteen, McGinnis had developed a close bond with the head of the O'Sullivan family. A youth with a desire to seize the world, O'Sullivan Senior sent the young Buddy to work alongside their American cousins, who were running a smuggling operation, funnelling firearms from the states, through to Ireland, via ferries transporting various goods.

    It was a simple enough job. Frighten the local dockworkers enough to turn a blind eye to accepting the occasional extra package here and there. In exchange, they'd get a cut.

    The job was beyond simple. Keep up the same old trick and don't take chances.

    But Buddy was never good at playing it safe. The apple didn't fall far from the tree and with that craving to play his chances, Buddy started to use the same runs to export drugs for a direct profit into his own profit, using 'friends' back home to sell it.

    He'd exported firearms, grenades and even napalm, but in the end, it was a small shipment of cocaine that busted the Irishman and earned him a trip in prison for a good deal of time.

    It's not clear how or when Buddy was released, but one thing was clear. This new world was one of opportunity and as far as McGinnis was concerned, it wasn't anymore fucked up than the previous one. It was just a little clearer now...

    Strengths: Athletically fit and in prime physical condition. Connections to the criminal underworld of old. Lock-picking and limited understanding of electronics. Low morality results in a greater ability to do 'What must be done'.


    McGinnis' violent past has left him with a tempestuous temperament that can best be described as 'psychotic bursts of rage' where all rhyme and reason escapes the man, usually as he's caving in the skull of who or whatever had the misfortune of bringing about said episode...

    McGinnis also posseses two very powerful vices:

    An addiction to sex and an addiction to narcotics, most prominent among them being alcohol.

    With both of these in short supply, his services can be bought quite easily, as such, his willpower is low, making him susceptible to mind control and bribery.

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