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    Character - Jonas Barn


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    Character - Jonas Barn Empty Character - Jonas Barn

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    Character - Jonas Barn Guy11
    Name: Jonas Barn
    Age: 29
    Race/Ethnicity: Multiracial
    Occupation: Woodworker

    Background: Raised by a single hardworking mother, Veronica Barn, Jonas lived a fairly average life until his mid teens where he began to experience auditory hallucinations, trying not to cause trouble for his mother he continued to live his life as though nothing was happening.
    Years went by and his symptoms gradually worsened, he became aggressive and paranoid, most confused his change of behaviour with drugs or falling in with the wrong crowd, Veronica however insisted that something was very wrong and spent many months fighting to get her son the help he needed, in time, Jonas was diagnosed with schizophrenia and shortly after prescribed medication.
    With the right help Jonas was able to live out life as normally as possible, he discovered a love for woodwork, carving, specifically and was able to help pull in a decent income selling knick-knacks and figurines.
    Shortly after his 27th birthday Veronica was killed in a failed home invasion, this caused Jonas to fall into a deep depression, he stopped doing everything, only moving from time to time when necessary.
    The arrival of a big spooky alien in the sky dragged him kicking and screaming out of his stupor into the new tentacle filled world.

    Property: Pocket knife, leather gloves, various wood working tools and a small barren apartment.
    Skills: Jonas is fairly skilled when it comes to woodworking, ranging from whittling to wood turning though he has been known to knit from time to time.

    Strengths: Jonas will work at something until it's finished regardless of difficulty

    Flaws: Mysophobia, Schizophrenic with Auditory hallucinations

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