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    Post by Admin on Fri Jul 27, 2018 1:22 am

    Following is a list of general RP rules to follow while using this site. While not an exhaustive list, common sense should be used in most cases.

    1 - Don't be a dick.

    2 - Follow the Post Order when available. A post order is an impromptu ordering when a thread has more than two participants in it. It generally follows the maintained post order already established as the third (or more) participant joins.

    3 - Do not spam or double post. If you have something you wish to add, then add it before a reply is given.

    4 - Once someone replies to your post, then you CANNOT edit the original post for anything other than spelling. This means that whatever action you took in your post is locked in the second someone replies to it. Take care when posting and read through before you send.

    5 - Be active, not reactive. Reactive roleplay is a quick way to stagnate a post. It means that when someone replies to a post, they react to everything in that post without adding anything of consequence themselves. This generally leaves one person to drive the thread along, which can be a taxing endeavour. Instead of simply reacting to everything someone wrote, react and then add something for them to do the same. Drive the story on.

    6 - Any posts that evolve into a PvP (Player vs Player) or have a large element of combat involved must always have an OOC post of the same name. This provides a place to discuss rules, actions and planning without cluttering up channels on Discord.

    As stated in the beginning, this is not an exhaustive list by any means. The main rule, that being "Don't be a Dick" is the one to adhere to the most.


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