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    Character Rules Empty Character Rules

    Post by Admin on Fri Jul 27, 2018 1:30 am

    Following is some general rules and advice for character creation. Again, not an exhaustive list but here to help guide your new character to fruition.

    1 - Be descriptive. A image is a wonderful addition to a character profile, but the profile itself must be descriptive to an extent where if the image was removed, then the character could easily be visualised in a similar manner.

    2 - No "jack of all trades." No, you cannot be a military sniper with forensic detective training and a passion for hacking, all while being the worlds number one dirt bike rider with a helicopter license and fishing boat docked in the bay.

    3 - Keep it simple. Let your character develop organically from a strong base concept. Instead of starting with every item you need to survive, perhaps start with only a few and create a thread about finding a source of food, a new gun or some winter clothing. You'll be surprised how many will join in.

    4 - Keep it Human. While there is the possibility of non-human beings roaming the world (Husks included) all characters created must be human.

    We want a broad and diverse character range, so keep the new concepts running. Always keep these rules in mind or reach out to an admin if you are unsure.


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