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    Character - Boris Vilkov


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    Character - Boris Vilkov Empty Character - Boris Vilkov

    Post by TheWonderous on Fri Jul 27, 2018 8:39 pm

    Name: Boris Vilkov
    Age: 32
    Race/Ethnicity: Russian
    Occupation: Dock Worker

    Description: A man of impressive stature, Boris' body is a product of his occupation. The balding man fills out his shirt with rippling muscle, his back snaking as he flexes. Despite his impressive size the man is often quiet, never using ten words if one would do in any situation. Despite the quiet demeanour the lines on his face tell of a life of laughter and a jovial nature, though his steel grey eyes blinking from under a sloped forehead seem to pierce to the very soul even when relaxed. His pale skin is adorned with a myriad of tattoos, from stars on his shoulders to the Kremlin emblazoned across his back. A deep scar runs from his right brow down to his jaw, cutting through the tattoo that once was proudly exposed for all to see.

    Sometimes described as a caveman out of time, the way Boris carries himself when he walks easily shows where the nickname come from. Where some scamper or prance around, the Russian thuds with deep-seated purpose and a heavy stride. Never leaving his wrench behind, the man is often clad in simple garb of a white t-shirt and blue pants, his steel toe-capped boots clattering with every footfall.

    Skills: Mechanically minded, Boris can often beat a contraption to life with nothing but a wrench. An adequate driver and experience shooter, with pistols at least, he often keeps quiet about where he acquired such skills. With an eye for parts though he is a kid in a candy shop when given a broken down car or boat.

    Property: Silver Chevrolet Express Cargo Van, expansive (if simple) tool collection, prized crowbar, small Dockside apartment.

    Background: Born to a poor family in the Urals, Boris was sent to work as soon as he could lift a pick-axe. Driven only by their next meal and promise of a better tomorrow, the Vilkov family often kept to themselves in their day to day lives. When Boris turned 15 however, the local Brodyaga took a keen interest in this mountain of a man, turning him from a simple life of working in the salt mines to one of crime on the streets of St Petersburg. It didn't take long for his gentle giant to be the target of opposing mafioso, though they swiftly understood how ferocious he could be. After rising a little higher in the rankings, Boris went a bit too far with an extortion job and was swiftly bundled out of the Motherland and all the way to New York City.

    Having arrived only a few days after his 24th birthday, he sought work in the local dock yard as the contacts made from the Motherland helped him land a comfortable job. Not missing the life he left behind Boris now prides himself on being able to fix a fishing boat blindfolded and unload a freighter in little over a day, though the skills he learnt and temper he developed still plague him to this day.

    Strong in body, loyal and sociable, welcoming of all.
    Flaws: Panic stricken in tough situations, gullible, quick to anger.

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