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    Character - Fey Heller


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    Character - Fey Heller Empty Character - Fey Heller

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    Fey Heller

    Age: 28
    Race/Ethnicity: Australian
    Occupation: S.W.A.T (Mechanic)

    Character - Fey Heller Milita12


    A golden haired woman with a fair complexion and striking grey eyes. When working, a cheek may be smudged with oil and her hair tied back into a quick and easy ponytail. She stands at around 5'4 and a half with an athletically built body which might suggest rigorous training and a lifestyle commanded by routine. She bears no noticeable scarring or markings and appears to take good care of herself, or as much as she can when she's elbow deep beneath the hood of a vehicle. She often dresses herself lazily when not at work, opting for loose fitting jeans and hoodies, and perhaps disregarding the latter on a hot day for a sleeveless shirt or likewise. Though heavy boots are a must when traversing her new but familiar surroundings.

    She often walks with purpose despite her sometimes laid-back attitude. She was after all quite the workaholic, and repairing vehicles or being taken on for a task that required a little more involvement has shaped her into the woman she is today.


    Primarily a mechanic, Fey knows her way around the specialized vehicles she finds herself around frequently and takes on a methodical approach when working upon them. But she wasn't always just a mechanic. Within the S.W.A.T forces she had to learn to shoot, to approach targets quietly, to remain out of sight and when needed, break down a door and eliminate targets. But Fey specialized in providing support from afar and down a long barrel. She is extremely proficient with a sniper rifle, as well as scouting out areas before finding the perfect vantage point. In lieu with her training she is also athletic, and well-built for physical tasks.


    A bicycle, an apartment room in a large complex, and whatever she might find inside.


    Fey was born in Australia and spent much of her childhood there, moving to the big city around the age of 14. There she was much like any child. She was social, popular, and had above-average grade. Plus being an Aussie girl in the US of A earned her some extra friends who just liked the novelty of it. She was always a kind-hearted person and sought to look out for others, and if need be, protect them. As she grew older this only got her into fights, feeling the need to protect those who couldn't protect themselves. This tomboy-ish streak never seemed to leave her as eventually she took an interest in cars. At first simply the concept of them, and eventually the inner-workings. She wanted to know what made them tick, and how she could mess around with that.

    Going through college and beyond she studied in mechanics. From small cars to large trucks, but along with that she still had that protective nature about her. It seemed natural to try and enlist in the NYPD, and she did. She quickly found herself rising through the ranks, and was allowed to work on vehicles there at the station, her own and others. She was becoming a valued asset, and sooner rather than later her talents were picked up on and she was put on the fast track to becoming a member of the S.W.A.T division.

    She built up good foundations with the rest of the team. Code-named "Cyclops" for her excelling ability with a sniper rifle and later shortened to just "Syke" by her team-members, she built a trust with them that was as strong as family. Though she was often teased for her height.


    Sharp-eyed, athletic, brilliant with an engine, professionally trained with weapons.


    Prideful, protective over her complex and the people within, steadily becoming more and more paranoid and selfish when it comes to strangers.

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