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    Character - Diana Montalti Empty Character - Diana Montalti

    Post by LadySunspring on Sat Jul 28, 2018 12:31 am

    Name: Diana Juliana Montalti
    Age: 30
    Race/Ethnicity: Italian/English
    Occupation: Psychotherapist

    Description: A professional woman, Diana presents herself smartly with a mature sense of style. Her outwards appearance is both elegant and empowering, her lean hourglass shape complimented by tailored skirt-suits and dresses fitted to her form with tasteful accessories and jewellery to match. Her hair - waist-length - is swept up into a tight and well-controlled bun at the base of her skull, usually adorned with a pretty hair-clip. Diana's makeup is minimal save a dash of rouge and her trademark lipstick, a deep crimson red that sets off her lovely hazel eyes. Graced with her mother's Italian beauty, she could have passed for a model - especially in her younger years, though the stern set of her brows sets her aside as a woman who will not be admired merely for her looks. She speaks evenly and without much emotion, her voice warm and husky. The perfect voice for a therapist, and one only used when Diana has something of importance to say. She herself is not one for small talk, and avoids all small social interactions where possible, preferring to watch and observe. There is a thin band of pale skin about her ring finger where perhaps an engagement ring once sat, the rest of her body that delightful shade of caramel earned only from relaxing beneath the European sunshine.

    Skills: Multi-lingual - Diana can speak English, Italian and Japanese. A regular at the gym, her physical fitness is top-notch, the woman taking great pride in how she cares for her body. She is a member of the local archery club, and was an avid outdoors swimmer in her youth. Her father kept rifles when she was a child and taught her briefly how to handle the weapons, though her knowledge is limited at best. Her mother - a professional chef - taught Diana how to cook reasonably well. Perhaps not with tinned ingredients though.

    Property: Black Porsche Panamera, a set of professional kitchen knives, a modern bow and quiver of arrows and a large apartment on the posh side of town.

    Background: Born to professional chef Maria Montalti and her partner Stephen Reynolds, Diana lead a life of relative luxury. Her father was of the minor nobility in England, private-schooled with a deep love of hunting and all things in excess. He moved to Italy with Maria after a whirlwind romance at university, the two bringing Diana into the world a mere three years later.

    The small family lived on the South Coast for the majority of Diana's childhood, moving back to England only after Stephen's father passed away and his title moved onto him. They took up residence at the Reynold's family manor and stayed there until Diana moved out to study for her future career. Much like her parents before her, Diana met the love of her life at university, a fellow psychotherapy student named Michael. The two moved in to her parents old house by the sea in Italy and soon became engaged to be married. Perhaps the young Ms. Montalti's story of love and success was too good to remain so however. One day she was blissfully happy, with a loving fiancé and their long and happy future. The next, he'd gone. His eye had been drawn away by another woman in the local village and Michael had up and left his bride to be.

    Needing a fresh start away from it all, Diana packed herself up and moved to New York City. She got herself a nice apartment, a nice car and her dream job - psychotherapist to the rich and famous. It'd been nearly a year since her heartbreak when the Fall happened. She had no news of her parents in England, or of the man who had ruined her hopes and dreams. All she knew was that she had to sort out this problem by herself - and for that she'd need all of her wits about her.

    Strengths: Physically fit, good stamina. Dependable in an emergency, charismatic when she chooses to be. An iron will, family-orientated.

    Flaws: Quiet, usually unsociable. A little hard to approach sometimes, can be moody. Analytical to the point of insensitivity on occasion.

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